Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hope and help for the battered woman (5): Biblical response to abuse; evangelical Christians are best husbands – University of Virginia study

How should individual Christians, pastors and churches respond to the issue of spousal abuse? For the answers to this vital question, please surf over to my Salt and Light weblog.

I have also written several other articles about spousal abuse, domestic violence, etc. Please take time to read the following:


Anonymous said...

good day sir! i was so disappointed because our hearing today was moved to april 21 because they told the fiscal's secretary that they are not yet prepared for the counter affidavit because they just received the subpoena last march 19 i am just worried because my x boyfriend's graduation is on april 14 and he has a plan going abroad after his graduation.can i ask the fiscal for hold departure order?or whatelse can i do to prevent him from leaving the country? again,thank you so much sir

Atty. Gerry T. Galacio said...

The fiscal is not authorized to issue a Hold Departure Order. Only judges of our Regional Trial Courts can issue HDOs. Fiscals are given a maximum of 60 days from the time they received the records of the complaint within which to finish their preliminary investigation and issue a resolution.

The case you filed is a criminal case under RA 9262. In order to prevent your ex boyfriend from leaving the country, you can file an INDEPENDENT petition for a Protection Order with a request for the judge to issue an HDO.

You can also try to coordinate with the Bureau of Immigration if it will allow placing the man on its Hold Departure list based only on the complaint you filed with the fiscal.