Friday, June 28, 2019

Clear, concise, and effective English for law students, bar examinees, and legal writers in organizations, private companies, and government offices (14): Asian Development Bank’s Clear Writing guidelines

1. “Clear Writing” from the ADB Handbook of Style and Usage (2017 edition, pages x to xix)

2. In “Using Plain English” (Knowledge Solutions, October 2008), ADB’s Olivier Serrat urges writers to:

Select simple words.
Make lists.
Keep sentences short.
Refrain from giving unnecessary details.
Cut down on jargon and use defined terms sparingly.
Discard superfluous words.
Reduce nominalizations.
Avoid weak verbs.
Use the active voice with strong verbs.
Be specific rather than general.
Write personally, as if you were talking to the reader.

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