Saturday, May 21, 2011

Small Claims Cases: Someone owes you money but refuses to pay?

Updates as of March 2019:

A.M. No. 08-8-7-SC: The 2016 Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases Effective February 1, 2016

SC hikes coverage for small claims cases to P400-K (PNA, February 27, 2019)
That’s bad news. The good news is, you do not need to get a lawyer to file a collection case for you, thanks to the “Small Claims Cases” project of the Supreme Court.

The “Small Claims Cases” is a special procedure where money claims below a specified amount are heard. The process is quick and inexpensive; the procedure is simple and informal. No lawyers are allowed. Forms for the complaint and the defendant’s answer are freely available, in English and Filipino. The hearing and the judge’s decision are completed in one day.

For more information, please browse the following PDFs:

1. Frequently-asked questions on the 2016 Revised Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases

2. Statement of Claim

3. Response

4. Motion for Execution

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