Monday, March 06, 2006

When a family member is a drug dependent

What can you do when one of your family members is a drug user and creating emotional psychological, physical, and financial problems for your family?

Well, Republic Act 9165 or The New Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Law provides an answer, specifically, in Section 61 which states:

Compulsory Confinement of a Drug Dependent Who Refuses to Apply Under the Voluntary Submission Program. - Notwithstanding any law, rule and regulation to the contrary, any person determined and found to be dependent on dangerous drugs shall, upon petition by the Board or any of its authorized representative, be confined for treatment and rehabilitation in any Center duly designated or accredited for the purpose.

A petition for the confinement of a person alleged to be dependent on dangerous drugs to a Center may be filed by any person authorized by the Board with Regional Trial Court of the province or city where such person is found.

After the petition is filed, the court, by an order, shall immediately fix a date for the hearing, and a copy of such order shall be served on the person alleged to be dependent on dangerous drugs, and to the one having charge of him.

If after such hearing and the facts so warrant, the court shall order the drug dependent to be examined by two (2) physicians conclude that the respondent is not a drug dependent, the court shall order his/her discharge. If either physician finds him to be a dependent, the court shall conduct a hearing and consider all relevant evidence which may be offered. If the court finds him a drug dependent, it shall issue an order for his/her commitment to a treatment and rehabilitation center under the supervision of the DOH. In any event, the order of discharge or order of confinement or commitment shall be issued not later than fifteen (15) from the filing of the appropriate petition.
You can find the complete text of this law in the website of the House of Representatives.

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