Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Economic support for abandoned family

Q: My husband abandoned me and our kids. How can I compel him to support us?

A: You can file a petition with the Family Court of the place where you reside asking for a protection order under Section 8 of Republic Act 9262 or the "Anti-Violence Against Women and their Childre Act of 2004."

In the protection order, the court will order an appropriate percentage of the income or salary of the respondent (your husband) to be withheld regularly by your husband's employer for the same to be automatically remitted directly to you. Failure to remit and/or withhold or any delay in the remittance of support to you and/or your child without justifiable cause shall render your husband or his employer liable for indirect contempt of court.

You may also claim from your own employer a ten-day paid leave of absence under RA 9262.

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